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Monthly stays in beautiful, shared homes with a curated
cultural experience and a diverse community.

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What we offer

Beautifully designed homes, likeminded people and memories for a lifetime

1. Hand selected luxurious apartments in the best districts of Europe's most vibrant cities
2. Curated cultural events for an exciting community feeling
3. Furnished by interior designers specifically for a digital nomad's needs
4. Same quality standards across all countries, cities and apartments
5. Easy to use booking tool to plan your stays
6. Monthly cancellation, no deposit or hidden fees

Everything That's included

FULLY Equipped Kitchen
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One contract to live in any apartment
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Curated events, dinners & trips
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Located in the best areas of town
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Inspiring living spaces

Membership Types


With a HIVEGEIST membership, you can move between different cities on a monthly basis. Stay in luxurious private rooms inside large homes and enjoy spacious community areas. 

Base Membership

€ 40

Monthly Stay
The base membership is great for solo travelers and first-time remote workers looking to try out a new lifestyle while exploring the world.
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Immersed in a vibrant community of digital nomads
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Access to networking & events
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Beautifully designed rooms in a productive environment
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Comfort Membership

€ 50

Monthly Stay
The comfort membership is designed for experienced digital nomads who value luxury, privacy and more space to unfold their creativity.
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All base benefits
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Guaranteed ensuite bathroom
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Access to all comfort rooms in our network
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Couple Membership

€ 33

/Day per Person
Monthly Stay
Our couple membership is made for exploring new cities together and sharing memories. Go on adventures with your partner and live in a comfortable spacious home with inspiring people from around the world.
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All comfort benefits are included
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Travel with your partner
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€ 10


Always included

Fully Equipped Kitchen with all Appliances
Private bedroom
Local City Guide

how to become a member

three easy steps

Hop on a short call with our team to see if it's a match

Create your profile, check out your co-nomads and chose your room

Receive all information you need to know before your stay

Door access, wifi code, city guide, local members guide, upcoming community events

Five easy Steps

Living with HIVEGEIST is easy

Hop on a short call with our team to see if its a match.

Choose a city and room-type

Sign the membership agreement and select payment method for your room type.

It only takes a few clicks, no hidden costs, no deposit and monthly cancellation.

Receive all information you need to know before your stay

Door access, wifi code, city guide, local members guide, upcoming community events

Book your next room and next city at no additional costs with the click of a button.


Our HIVES, your Home, all around Europe


With a HIVEGEIST membership, you can flexibly move between gorgeous apartments in the choicest cities, under just one fixed monthly price. All you need is your luggage, we take care of the rest. 

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Gran Canaria
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Gran Canaria
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How do our HIVES Look?

Beautiful. Inspiring. Expertly designed. Each HIVE has been handpicked by our interior design team to ensure a unique living experience and a high standard of quality. All our homes have been infused with the local culture through carefully curated art, architecture, and decoration; so that you have an authentic experience wherever you go while supporting the surrounding community. 

How many people live in a HIVE?

Between 3 and 5 members. Our HIVES are incredibly spacious and range between 150 - 300 sqm in size. All homes have a large dining room, cozy living room, and an equipped kitchen which is usually open. You’ll also find a terrace or balcony (or both) in most HIVES, and thoughtfully constructed workspaces. 

Do we have local partnerships?

Yes, we do! We have partnerships with numerous gyms, yoga studios, tour services, and other organizations.  As a member, you will often be able to benefit from free or discounted sessions, among other offers. Our aim is to partner with small local businesses to give back to the communities in which our homes are located. As we’re constantly onboarding new partners and local vendors, feel free to reach out to our team for more information. 

How do we encourage the community to grow?

We organize a variety of events for our members, including dinners, sport activities, and nature trips - about 3-5 per month. At the beginning of every month, we provide a welcome dinner, cooked by a local chef, to give our members the chance to connect, break the ice and get to know each other. In Barcelona, it is an authentic Paella prepared on our rooftop terrace. In Mallorca, it is a traditional 3-course menu with local, fresh ingredients. As a HIVEGEIST member, you'll also receive our up-to-date city guide, which contains hand-selected activities that will help you connect with the other members. 

Are there any additional costs that HIVEGEIST charges?

No. Zero. Apart from the membership fee, there are no additional costs, all house services, maintenance requests, and other amenities come free of charge. 

How is the internet speed in our HIVES?

Fast and reliable. We know how important high-speed internet is for a digital nomad, so we cut no corners and always provide the fastest locally-available internet speed.  All internet services are already included in your rent, and if there are any issues HIVEGEIST will take care of the repairs and any associated costs. 

What are the members like?

Diverse, passionate, welcoming, and friendly. We personally vet every member to ensure that they will contribute to the positive atmosphere that we wish to cultivate at each and every HIVE. Our members range from entrepreneurs and consultants to creative professionals, freelancers, artists, and every other type of digital nomad. We have members that come from all over the world, and that work in almost every industry. The one thing they have in common is their passion for living life on their own terms, connecting with other people, and exploring what the world has to offer. 

How do I become a Member?

After you signed up on our website, we’ll carefully review your application to check whether we would be a good fit. If that’s the case, we’ll invite you to a short video or phone call. This introductory call is meant to make sure you have all the information you need about our platform and let’s us show you the booking process. Our team can also help you to decide which room or apartment would fit you best.

You are still in the exploring phase and don't want to book a room right away? No worries! On the call, our team can set you up in our system so that when you are ready to make your move, all you need to do is check our availability online and get in touch with us to book the room. Our team can also help you to decide which room or apartment would fit you the best.

What is the Minimum stay per apartment?

One month in every city. This is because local laws dictate the minimum stay for residential living. We also believe that having our members live together for at least a month helps to foster a stronger community and gives people more chances to truly connect.

What is included in the price?

Everything, absolutely everything. You only need to pay one fixed amount for each month you stay at a HIVE and don't need to worry about anything else. We also don’t require a deposit from our members. The price includes:

  • Rent and electricity and gas costs
  • Cleaning service for both the shared space (weekly) and your private room (monthly)
  • Utilities, IoT devices high-speed internet, Netflix subscriptions, etc. 
  • Consumables and general amenities such as shower soap, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, towels and bedsheets, laundry detergent, salt, pepper, cooking oil, and more
  • Any city or housing taxes (local council tax/tax d'habitation/GEZ)

What other countries is HIVEGEIST expanding to?

In 2022, we are planning to open new locations in Italy, Thailand, France, Indonesia, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. The exact locations will be published via our booking app and in our newsletter! 

What are the membership termination policies?

You can end your membership with one-month notice, as long as it is before the end of the previous month. For example, if you would like to end on January 31st, then the notice should be given before the end of December. You can move out on any day of the month, but keep in mind that the membership always ends on the last day of the month.

Can I invite friends or colleagues over?

You are welcome to invite friends over for lunch, dinner, or anything else, as long as the other members in the HIVE are okay with it. Just give the others a heads-up if you will be spending time in the shared areas and be mindful of not causing too much noise after 10 pm. 

Can I bring a pet with me during my stay?

We love pets, but we treat each case on an individual basis. If you have a pet, we'll ask the other people you would live with if they're okay with having a pet in the home and we will make our decision based on that. We’ll let you know through our newsletter if we open any 100% pet-friendly apartments in the future. 

When are the move-in and move-out times?

You can arrive on the first day of the month from 4 PM onwards, feel free to share your move-in date with us so we can ensure you have a smooth move-in experience. Move-outs should be completed on the last day of the month, no later than 11 AM. 

What's expected of me?

HIVEGEIST is a co-living community, so please treat the place like your own home, keeping it tidy and clean. We expect everyone to respect other members and their property. Each new member is asked to accept our member guidelines before moving into one of our homes.

Can I bring my partner or a friend with me to the HIVE?

This is your home, so you can definitely have guests come over as long as they stay only a few days (up to 5 days) and everyone in the home is fine with it. Please give a heads up to the other members in your apartment, so they are not surprised. If guests plan to stay longer than 5 days, then please let us know, and we will take it on a case-by-case basis. For Premium members, guests are allowed to stay for an unlimited amount of time.

Got more questions?

Feel free to ping us via email ( or sign up here and ask us anything you'd like during the call!

our values


The word “community” is so overused that it’s become as watered down as cheap Sangria - but not for us. We take a thoughtful role in fostering bonds between our members at every HIVE location. And we never force it. Through our curated events, shared spaces, and local connections, you’ll naturally be assimilated into a wider circle. Before you know it, roommates will become friends, and locals will be your guides to new adventures and memories. 

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